Our Restaurant Menu

Kenko, a labyrinth in Quechua, entices you towards a maze of flavours that will make your taste buds travel to distant countryside where each dish will make you discover a region of Peru

To begin

Choros to the chalaca 10.00
(steam mussels with a fine sauce Creole, onion, tomato and coriander)
Causa Limeña 8.00
(cold, layered yellow potatoes dish perfumed with chicken stuffing)
Papa a la huancaína 7.00
(boiled potatoes cut in slices in huancaína sauce: fresh cheese, milk and yellow pepper)
Tamales 7.00
(made with sweetcorn flour with chicken stuffing)
Leche de tigre 7.00
(cebiche juice with fish dices)


Parihuela 15.00
(if in France they have the Bouillabaisse and in Spain the Cazuela in Peru is the Parihuela… a fish and shellfish soup that will make you remember the north of Peru………)

Sudado de Pescado 13.00
(whole or in fillet sea bream cooked in their own sauce garnished with yucca (cassava)

Sudado de Pescado y Mariscos 16.00
(Fish & Shellfish)

Chupe de Pescado 12.00
(Fish soup)

Chupe de Camarones 14.00
(Shrimps soup)

Aguadito de Mariscos 12.00
(slow cooked Shellfish stew)

Chilcano de Pescado 8.00
(Fish soup with cassava, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, corn…)

Sopa a la Minuta 8.00
(munute soup)

Sopa Criolla 8.00
(with egg, steak sliced into strips, tomato, spaghetti, onion…)


The cebiche, fish cut in cubes citrus marinated and perfumed with coriander

Cebiche de Pescado (Fish cebiche) 12.00
Cebiche of Fish 12.00
Cebiche Mixto (Fish and Shellfish) 15.00
Mixed cebiche (Fish and Shellfish) 15.00
Cebiche de Pulpo (Octopus) 16.00
Cebiche of Octopus 16.00
Cebiche of Chinguirito 16.00
Tiradito de pescado (raw fish, served cold with a chili and lemon paste sauce, sweet potato and corn) 13.00

To continue:Meats

Lomo Saltado 11.00
(veal fillet cut in julienne, fried to the wok with onion and tomato with soya sauce)

Arroz chaufa de carne o pollo 10.00
(fried rice to the wok with meat or chicken cut in squares ginger and soya sauce)

Bistec a lo pobre 13.00
(steak, fried egg, rice, fried potatoes, banana, salad)

Tallarin Saltado carne o pollo 11.00
(Meat or chicken Noodles )

Tacu Tacu: rice, fried beans and their garnish

Tacu Tacu con lomo criollo 11.00
(Creole sirloin)

Tacu Tacu with Beefsteak 10.00

Seco de cordero 12.50
(lamb stew in coriander sauce and other species with their garnish)

Fish and Shellfish

Chicharron (fried fish dices, shellfish of all classes in tempura garnished with fried yucca and Creole sarsa )

Chicharron de Pescado (Fish) 13.00

Chicharron Mixto (Mixed fish and shellfish) 15.00

Jalea – filet of fried fish with Creole sarsa and tipped with Shellfish Chicharron

Jalea de Pescado (Fish) 13.00

Jalea Mixta (fish and shellfish) 15.00

Dorada al ajo (Sea bream with garlic) 14.00

Arroz con mariscos (Rice with shellfish )…. 13.00

Chaufa de Mariscos (fried rice with shellfish) 14.00

Picante de Mariscos (Spicy Shellfish ) 14.00

Pescado a lo macho (fish filet or sea bream with a shellfish cream a little spicy) 15.00

Tacu Tacu en crema de Mariscos (Tacu tacu in Shellfish cream) 14.00

To finish:

Selection of sweets…


Chicha morada (Jar)
Inka Line (1/2 lt and 2 lt)
Coca Line, Sprite, Fanta, Nestea
Cristal, Cuzqueña), Pilsen Peruvian beers
Moritz beer